Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dear Thanksgiving

Dear Thanksgiving,

It's finally here!!! Well, almost.  Two more classes until I am homeward bound for Thanksgiving break and boy is it time.  "Stressful"
is an understatement for how the past week has gone for me, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Thanksgiving was never my favorite holiday growing up, mostly because I am a picky eater and I dreaded the food haha.  The past few years, however, I have learned to really appreciate it, and I am really looking forward to it this year.  The true meaning of the holiday has absolutely nothing to do with the meal, that is simply a bonus (for those that enjoy it).  Thanksgiving is a time when we get to sit down and enjoy a day with the most important people in our lives.  Whether its family, friends, people from work, school, whomever it may be, we spend time with loved ones.  It is a time to relax, take a nice day off, and be fully present in our lives. It is good catching up time, you never know how much you miss out on.  It was actually at the dinner table last year on Thanksgiving when I announced my decision to attend the University of Arkansas (best decision of my life by the way), and it will forever be a memorable time. It is really nice to have everyone in one place, ya know? It doesn't happen often enough.  So this post is short and  sweet (ha, like me) but check back later in the week for my Gratitude List!!

This week I challenge you to spend some extra time everyday thinking about what all you are grateful for.  We are all blessed in so many ways, and we tend to take advantage of these things. From the clothes on our backs to the roof over our heads, think about every single thing you have. I like to do this in the mornings, it puts my mind in a good place to take on the rest of the day.

Bonus Challenge: Because this is a special week I added a second challenge! On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, put down your phone.  Turn it off, put it away.  Spend at least one full hour without checking it once.  Be grateful for those around you and spend time with them.

Have a wonderful week! Eat your little hearts out :)

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