Monday, November 9, 2015

19 for Nineteen

Hello! Today is my 19th birthday, and it has been an amazing day! To add to yesterday's post, I have made a list of new goals, 19 things I want to achieve in my nineteenth year! Some are long term, others are rather simple, and some are just bucket list items that I hope to check off before my twenties.  By the way, have you tried something new yet this week?

1. Adjust the attitude
I definitely do not think I have an attitude problem, but I have my pessimistic days (don't we all).  So I just want to have these days less often.  Attitude is everything, and the better the attitude, the better the day!

2. Do more reading
I love to read, getting lost in a book is one of my favorite things.  I just do not have time for it anymore.  I'm going to make time, even if its just a few minutes a day, or a few days a week. Reading is good for the mind.  We should all do it more.

3. Say "Yes"
Be more spontaneous! Mom may not love this one, but I do.  I do not want to look back on college and remember nothing but the countless hours I spent laboring over projects and assignments.  I do think school is important, and it should be a top priority... most of the time.  I want to look back and remember the nights I spent laughing with my girlfriends, cheering on my hogs, and shaking my little booty like its my job! So rather than saying "no" to every fun event that comes my way, I'm going to say "yes" and say it often.  More often than not I end up really enjoying the times I decide to go out and live a little.

4. Stay on top of things
While I do want to live my life, it will be easier to do if I'm not stressed out about the pile of work waiting for me when I return home.  I want to get on top of everything: assignments, projects, this blog, etc.  Less TV, more productivity.  It's that simple.

5. Put Down that dang phone
It is taking over, I admit it.  My cell phone is always in my hand.  I am constantly checking social media, texting, snapchatting, yik-yaking, you name it, I'm probably doing it.  Talk about a time-waster! I wrote a research paper my senior year of high school about how cell phones are taking over, and I am a poster-child for how true that statement rings.  So I'm going to put it down more, to not only be more productive, but to enjoy the real world around me a little bit more.

6. Keep Blogging
I am the queen of starting projects and giving up.  Not this time! Blogging is something I have tossed around for awhile, and since I have started, I will continue.  I will not give up!

7. Run a 5k
Woah baby. slightly terrified of putting this on here.  I do not run.  I just don't. But I have always wanted to! So, why not in the next 12 months? Maybe I'll love it and it will lead to more.  or maybe not. But the least I can do is try.

8. Journal daily
I am in the process of establishing an effective morning routine, and one thing I am trying to do is journal.  Even if its just a quick one-minute scribble, it is something.  I want to make a good habit of this, because keeping a journal really has the power to make incredible changes in ones life.

9. Enjoy a Sunrise
I don't remember the last time I saw the sun come up.  It was probably after an all-nighter with some friends that had me way to groggy to enjoy.  It is super easy to take advantage of and neglect the simple beauty of the world around us.  I want to wake up early and truly enjoy a sunrise (or nineteen), drink some tea, and have a freaking good day.  Because why the heck not.

10. Be more generous
I do find myself to be a fairly decent human being.  Having said that, there is always room for improvement.  I can always do more.  So I want to do better, be more generous, a better roommate/friend/sister/daughter/etc.  Just be nicer to everyone around me.

11. Commit to a fitness routine
I have said this SO many times in the past years.  I actually got good at it first semester of my junior year in high school.  I lost like 17 pounds or something.  Ever since then I have fallen off.  I have zero will-power.  Its awful! So no fad diet, nothing extreme, just taking care of myself.  Make healthier choices, cut the snacking, workout when I can (make time so I can), get lots of z's, and drink LOTS of H20!

12. Try new things
Stop being such a baby.  I have always been terrified of venturing out of my comfort zone.  New foods? No thanks.  New activities? Heck no.  Stepping out of my comfort zone in any way? Absolutely not going to happen.  Well, I am pushing that mentality out! That's right! Bye! Escaping your comfort zone is so incredibly good for you.  So when the opportunity arises to try something new, do it.  Please.

13. Be more outgoing
Along with stepping out of my comfort zone, I am going to be more outgoing.  I have always been extremely shy, and it prevents me from reaching my true potential.  Being social is simply not my cup of tea.  But I am going to try.  All I need to do is talk more.  Talk to anyone, everyone, about anything.  Even a simple hello.  You have a voice for a reason.  Use it!

14. Vote
This one is simple.  This is a privilege that you now have.  Take advantage of it.

15. Be more independent
I am the kind of girl that always has a buddy with her.  Eating lunch? With a friend.  Going on a walk? With a friend.  Bathroom run? With a friend.  Now, I have gotten a lot better at this, but I want to continue to improve.  Next time you find yourself begging other people to run your errands with you, just do them by yourself.  My RA once told me doing things by yourself is a "freeing" experience.  So free yourself!

16. Cut the complaints
This one is huge.  There is always something to complain about isn't there? If something is not absolutely perfect, we complain.  It's life.  This goes along with having a better attitude.  There is no reason to complain, especially when the things you are complaining about are out of your control.  So cut it out.  You will be much happier.

17. Release the tears
Most of these goals are centered around finding happiness and positivity.  But lets be real, life is not perfect.  It will never be.  You will break down, and you will cry, its inevitable. Do not hold back your tears, let them go. Its OKAY.  If you need to cry, just do it.  put on a sad song, cry, and cry hard. Get it all out.  And then? Be done. Wipe your face, and get on with life.  Because it will not stop and wait for you.

18. Love
Another simple one.  Just be more loving.  Love more, love lots, love everyone and everything.  You are blessed with so many magical things, so just love it all.  Love life.

19. Actually accomplish these goals
And finally, a goal to achieve my goals.  Like I said earlier, I have a tendency to fall short on the things I start.  But for the next twelve months, the last year of my teenage self, I am going to work everyday at achieving these goals.  And I WILL succeed.

So here's to my personal New Year, and I hope you can apply some of these to your lives as well! What are some of your goals?

Happy Monday :)

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