Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dear Pantless Sundays

Dear Pantless Sunday's,

There are few things in this world that I truly don't care for: Sunday's and pants are two of them.  Seriously, who wants to wear pants? They are constraining! Unfortunately, however, it is frowned upon to not wear them. Boo society.  But nothing is more freeing than the time of night when you can crawl in bed and take your pants off for the day. I love it.

And when it comes to Sunday's, most people enjoy them right? Sunday is a day of rest.  A nice relaxing day to prepare for the week ahead.  I don't see them that way though. Sunday's and I have never really gotten along.  Growing up they always filled me with a strong sense of something "ending."  The great weekend I just had with my friends is over, I always had lots of homework to do (don't lie we all put off homework until Sunday), and I just tend to feel really lonely on those days.  It has gotten better since I've started college and am constantly surrounded by my best friends, but still, they always have, are, and will forever be my least favorite day of the week.  

So why not change this? Why not make my Sunday's a little bit better by laying around with no pants on and watching Grey's anatomy?  Or, if you must get out, wear a dress! It's still more freeing than pants! And why should I do this alone? We can all be a little more productive throughout the weekend and truly enjoy a nice Sunday off.  I decided I'm gonna give this blogging thing a go, maybe it's something I'll really enjoy.  I've been told I can dish out some good advice, so why not share it? Maybe I'll learn a little bit more about myself along the way.  And what a great day to start on the first day of my favorite month :) 

So here's to many more!

Yours Truly,
Pantless Sunday's      

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