Thursday, November 26, 2015

A List of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving y'all! I hope everyone had a fantastic day.  I know I did! I realized today that I have SO many blessings, way too many to list them all. I condensed my list to only 25 of my favorites to share with you guys! I hope when you read this you can think of all the wonderful things that you have in your life, and take some time to remember how blessed you are!

So here we go.  Today I am SO thankful for:

  • My puppies and their unconditional love
  • My parents and grandparents for being my biggest supporters
  • Music for so many reasons
  • Dance for being my escape 
  • My wonderful roomie, and (not)roomie, for being such a joy to live with
  • My sister for never leaving my side
  • My faith for getting me through tough times
  • My best friends for making life a million times more enjoyable
  • My education particularly design school at the U of A :)
  • My soulmate wherever you may be, you will one day be very important
  • My many talents that I use everyday
  • Long hair although a pain to maintain, it makes me happy
  • Fuzzy socks because they are perfect and you can never have too many
  • Earth and all of its hidden beauties
  • Peanut butter for being enjoyable on a spoon at all hours of the day (or night)
  • All 5 senses for allowing me to fully enjoy my surroundings  
  • Sunshine and blue skies no reason needed
  • Green tea preferably hot with a tbs of honey! (but iced is amazing too)
  • My health physical and mental
  • Emotions because they remind me of all that I have (even the bad ones)
  • Cute Boys I mean they're fun to look at right?
  • Cell Phones because I would probably actually really die without it
  • Everyone reading this blog although its not many, I very truly appreciate it
  • My ambitions in life and my strong determination to achieve the unthinkable
  • My bed for being one of the greatest places on earth
What are you most thankful for?

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