Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dear Second Semester

Wow! One semester down and the second one is fast approaching.  I am already settled back into my dorm and it feels like I haven't missed a beat.  I have spent my few days off catching up with friends, running errands, finding classes, and trying to mentally prepare myself for the months ahead. I've been having some mixed feelings.  Part of me is very happy to be back; I have missed my friends, I am ready to get back into a routine after a month of laying around, and I'm excited to see what the semester has in store for me! On the other hand, I am slightly terrified.  School is a lot of work, and I am not quite ready to take on the stress.  I think after the first week or so I will realize that I am definitely not taking on anything that I cannot handle. It will be okay, it always is.  I just have to stay on top of everything, and watch less TV.  Something like that, right?

I don't have much to say today, as I am just trying to get everything ready for this week. I wish everyone the best this spring semester!

This week I challenge you to do something that you have been putting off.  No matter the reason. Just get it done, and you will feel so much better.

Have a wonderful week everyone!
Yours Truly,
Pantless Sunday's

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Dear High School Friends

Dear High School Friends,

I am who I am because of you.

This morning I woke up with emotions all over the place.  All of this back and forth and trying to live in two places is proving to be quite hard on me.  Goodbyes never seem to get any easier, and no matter where I am, I always seem to be missing the other.  Man, college is rough! But it's a learning experience right?

This morning also had me thinking about how incredibly lucky I am.  I am lucky enough to have so many hard goodbyes, and people to miss.  It means that I am loved.  Spending a month here in KC was great.  Incredibly boring at times, yes,  but very familiar.  It brought me back to the good 'ole days.  So I wanted to say thanks to you fabulous high school friends of mine.

I have found myself to be very blessed in the friend department.  Our group of friends is unlike any I have ever seen.  You are more than my best friends, we're like a little family.   I started hanging out with this group of people summer before my junior year, and I did not know then that I was forming friendships to last a  lifetime.

From the very first night I spent with you to now, I cannot imagine it any other way.  We have shared laughs, tears, adventures, and so many other wonderful times.  You were there for all of my most important decisions.  From boys to date, outfits to wear,  even someday's what to eat for lunch, I always turned to you when I was stumped.  I value your opinions.  I never had to do anything alone (unless I wanted to), I had one of you in almost every class, I always had someone to sit with at lunch, someone to go to the bathroom with (because that's important), someone to run after school errands with, someone to sit with at church, someone to check my backside when needed, someone to walk to class with, etc. Anytime I needed company, it was there.  If I needed to talk? I had an ear to listen.  Questions on homework? Someone had an answer. Strange idea? You all supported it.  And for all of this, I am so very blessed.  I enjoyed always having a fun date to go to dances with, and a great group of people for the pictures and dinner beforehand. That was very stressful for most dances, but we always got though it together.  I like sitting around fires with you, or staying up late in barns. I like driving around for hours, jumping out of cars, eating french fries and chocolate shakes.  I like swimming, and going to movies, and staying up all night talking about everything and absolutely nothing.  I like taking cliche pictures, and filming every moment because we needed it for our video montage. Sporting events were always fun with you, and so were the hangouts after.  I like playing board games, and pool, and ping-pong (even though I suck).  I like going shopping, and having cookouts, and cuddling on the trampoline. I like our group messages.  I like listening to music, and doing weird dances.  I like being comfortable around you. I truly enjoy your company.

You people can stress me out and drive me nuts like no other, but more importantly, you make me smile, and laugh, and so incredibly happy to be alive.  I have learned so much about myself through our friendships, and I'm the girl I am today because of them.

We may be following different paths now, and that is okay.  I still support each and every one of you, I will always listen when you need to talk, and I know you will do the same for me.  Things may not be the same as they once were, but that is perfectly okay.  I am thankful for our glory days, and I will always hold those memories close.  Things may continue to change in the years to come, but I am confident that I will always have people to grab lunch with when we're in town, or someone to call when I'm missing home.  Here's to you, my forever best friends.  Thank you for everything you have done for me.  I love you all dearly.

Yours Truly,
Pantless Sunday's

(This week I challenge everyone to contact a long distance friend.  Call them up or shoot them a text, whatever it may be.  It's nice to be checked in on every once in awhile.  Have a wonderful week! :) 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Dear Procrastinator

Dear Procrastinator,

Just stop.

Don't lie, we've all been there.  You had three months to write that paper that's due tomorrow and you're just now starting.  It's December 24th and you are still out shopping.  Just one more episode and then you will start your chores (and you tell yourself this again 3 seasons later when you still haven't left the couch).  Sometimes life just takes over!

Seeing as productivity is something I am working towards in the new year, I decided to write a little bit on procrastinating.  And seems how I am a professional at it, I can admit that I truly understand the struggle.  I used to start books the day before the report was due, I would be up way late into the night trying to slop things together just good enough to turn in.  I have gotten better over the years, but I am definitely still a "one more episode" girl.  If there is one thing I have learned from this, it is that procrastinating stresses me out!! And I mean BAD. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

So how do we stop it? I'll let you know when I find out ;) But seriously, it is something everyone should work on.  I think it would relieve so much stress in the long run.  The best way to go about it is to get as much done as early as possible.  For example, when a teacher assigns something that is due at the end of the semester, take action immediately.  Even if you finish the assignment an entire month early, think about how good it will feel when everyone else is scrambling at the last minute.  Also, when you start early, you are more capable of breaking things into smaller portions. When you complete a large task last minute, you have to do all of it at one time.  If you start early, you can break it down into smaller tasks and complete a little bit at a time. This will make the once overwhelming task much more manageable

When you do it once, the feeling will motivate you to do it again, and eventually it will become a habit to get things done ahead of time.  So turn off that TV, you have already watched way too many episodes.  Get off your computer, put the phone away, and do something productive.  You will thank yourself.  Start early, and break it into smaller tasks.  It's easy, it just takes a lot of willpower.

This week I challenge everyone to do one productive task everyday.  I know you all have stuff that needs to get done, it's never ending! So do something about it! You will feel SO much better!

Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today

Yours Truly,
Pantless Sunday's

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!!

Happy day one!

When I finally woke up this morning, I looked at my phone and saw "January 1" and there was just something about it that made me smile.  How blessed are we to have not only a new day, but a new year.  Here we are, another year to do something wonderful.  I am so excited! Last night was a blast, I always enjoy the excitement New Years Eve, and I have decided that (seems how today was halfway over when I woke up) I will start my resolutions tomorrow.  No, it is not procrastinating, it is all part of the plan :) I realized I haven't shared my resolutions with you yet, so I will share some of those today.

First of all, I would like to revisit and prioritize my 19 for Nineteen list.  I want this to be something I look at every morning, and live everyday working towards achieving these goals.

Speaking of looking at it every morning, I want to establish a solid and effective morning routine.  I have discovered that my productivity is much stronger during the day.  By about 7 or 8 pm I am done for the day.  Whatever isn't done by this point probably isn't getting done.  With this being the case, I would like to condition myself to be a morning person, that way I can take full advantage of my day!

Along the lines of health and fitness, I need to get back on track. The freshman fifteen is a real thing people!! And while I haven't noticed a major physical difference, I have been feeling very meh lately. I am going to start making much healthier choices, cutting down my portion sizes, stop snacking after 9 pm, and working out at least 4-5 times per week.  I am not trying to "diet" or get a "quick fix," I just want to live a healthier lifestyle,

I also want to start journaling everyday.  Whether its a sentence or five pages, I want to write something everyday.  Journaling is really good for creativity, and it can also be a stress reliever. I also think that journaling will help with my blogging!  Along with this, I also want to read more.  At least 2 new books a month!

Overall, I just want to live a healthier and more productive life.  I want to keep my spirits up and my stress levels down, and these are things that I think will help me to achieve this.  What are some of your resolutions?

Happy New Year everyone!

"Today is the first blank page to a 365 page book.  Write a good one."