Wednesday, November 18, 2015

8 Ways to Bounce Back!

This past weekend, my wonderful mother and sister came down to celebrate my birthday with me. We had a great time! When it came time to say goodbye Sunday morning, even though I have said it many times before, I still struggled a little bit.  They just never get any easier.  So they left, and I was alone, and it was Sunday, and I was sad.  I know we all have those days when we're feeling a little down, so I have compiled 8 of my favorite tips to being your most resilient self!

1. Get it out
As quickly as possible, get it all out.  Any anger, sadness, stress, etc. However you deal, do it.  For me this is usually crying.  Set a timer, only allow yourself a brief period, an hour at max.  Lay in bed, play on your phone, cry, do whatever you need to do.  Just get it all out. And then move on.

2. Take a shower
Or bubble bath! Just get clean! I always feel so  much more refreshed and ready to start anew once I have bathed.  So take a shower (or bath), and spend a few extra minutes just enjoying the hot water.  Take some deep breaths.  Do not get out until you're good and ready.  (okay but do not stay in there all day, lets be reasonable people)

3. Turn on some music
Music is magical! Turn on some happy songs (I'll be posting some ideas in a few days).  Have a solo dance party, it helps.  It doesn't matter how silly you feel, always dance it out.  Or, if music isn't your thing, turn on the TV.  Just have some noise in the background to lighten your mood.  Silence can be deadly when you're sad.

4. Do a little extra pampering
Just one little extra thing to make yourself feel good.  Whether it be exfoliating, moisturizing, painting your nails, curling your hair, I don't care.  Do one thing to beautify yourself.  Look good, feel good!

This step is crucial.  You need to find something to do, do NOT crawl back into that bed! Do some homework, clean up a little, check some things off your To-Do list, just DO SOMETHING! Being productive will keep your mind off of whatever has you feeling down, and will make you feel better in the long run, because look at all the stuff you got done!

6. Call a friend
If you are finding that being alone is the problem, call a friend.  Sometimes you just need to talk.  Be careful choosing who you talk to though, some people (although they don't mean to) will only add to your stress.  So find someone loving, call them, sometimes just talking can help you realize that everything is really okay.

7. Get some sun
As little as it may seem, sunshine has a serious effect on your mood.  So open the curtains, let all the light in that you can.  Even better, get outside! Some fresh air can really do you good as well! Just get some sunshine.  As much as you can!

Yes, just smile.  I don't care if you don't want to.  Fake it 'til you make it, right? The more you smile, the more you can convince yourself that you really are happy.  So, I know you don't want to, but try to smile.

Always remember, tomorrow is a new day.  This (whatever it is) hurts right now, but it will not hurt forever. You are strong, and you are capable.  Just keep that in mind :)

What are some of the things you do to better a bad day?  

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