Sunday, May 8, 2016

Dear Mom,

According to the dictionary, a mother is "a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth," but to me, she is so much more.  A mother is a teacher, supporter, role model, and best friend, just to name a few.  My mother is so much more to me than she will ever realize.  She is my everything.

A mother is a teacher. From first steps, to potty training, first words, riding a bike, driving a car, etc. You name it, momma's there.  My mom taught me how to do laundry, and how to cook. She taught me how to shave my legs, and what kind of products to use on my face. She taught me everything. Even after I moved out, she hasn't stopped teaching. A few weeks ago, my sister asked my mom how she ever survived before google.  My mom responded, "I called my mom."  And I think, even after google haha, those four words could not be more true. I call my mom for everything.  How do I wash these grapes? How much medicine can I take at a time? Can I dry this shirt with the elephants on it? How long is my almond milk really good for? Let's face it.  Mom's know everything.  On top of all these practical skills, my mom taught me about friendship.  She taught me to put others before myself.  She taught me how to love, and how to find joy in life.  I have now been through fourteen years of school, and no one has taught me anything near what my mother has.  She is the ultimate teacher.

A mother is a supporter.  I am a timid girl. I always have been.  But my mother has been so patient with me, and so supportive of my every move.  When I was in 4th grade, I hosted a dance camp for the girls in my neighborhood for the entire summer in my garage.  Never once did my mom tell me not to do this, in fact, she helped me put on the "recital" at the end.  I did this for three years.  Mom always pushes me to try new things, to step outside my comfort zone, and to be my best self.  I am a dancer, and my mom has been putting up with that since I was 3 years old.  Every recital, every competition, every convention, every bill. Mom was there gluing on eyelashes, safety pinning costumes, keeping me hydrated, calming the nerves, etc.  When I got into high school, nothing changed.  Mom has always been supportive of my new friendships and the new people in my life. She has supported my choice of major, and spent many college visits helping me choose the perfect school to pursue it.  And when I wanted to start this blog? She supported that too.  My mom always reminds me to dream big.  She is my number one fan, and supports me with her whole heart.

A mother is a role model.  My mom is such an inspiration.  I cannot imagine giving anyone the incredible life that she has given to my sister and I on her own.  My mom works so hard to make sure that my sister and I get nothing but the best.  She has sacrificed so much for us.  And what gets me the most? She does it with a smile on her face.  Sure, not everyday is rainbows and sunshine, but it isn't for anyone.  Mom always walks through the door and greets the puppies with her silly little puppy voice, and then takes time to ask us each about our days.  She is genuinely interested in our lives, and she likes to hear our stories.  About a week ago I was having a lot of doubts thinking about the future, and I asked my mom if she was really happy, and of course she said yes.  Even through everything she puts up with, my mom is genuinely happy.  She has such a big heart, and is so caring.  It is really motivating to have such a hard-working, optimistic momma.  I hope to one day be half the mother she is to me.  She is my role model.

A mother is a Best Friend.  Even through everything else, my mom is my best friend.  We talk every Sunday so I can fill her in on my week.  I tell her everything.  She knows all about the party I went to last night, who my friends are dating, which professors are the worst, etc.  I call her when I walk home from studio if I'm feeling lonely and need someone to talk to.  We go to movies together, or dinner, or shopping.  She listens really well, and she enjoys it (or at least she'd good at pretending). Mom is full of wisdom.  She doesn't judge my mistakes, and she always has advice to get me through. I would not be the young woman I am today without her by my side.  

"The more I grow, the more I realize that my mom is the best friend that I ever had."

Happy Mother's Day, words can not begin to express how thankful we are for our loving momma's. I love mine sooooooooooooooooooooooo much :)  You make life so much more enjoyable.

Yours Truly,
Pantless Sunday's    

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