Sunday, December 27, 2015

Dear 2016

Dear 2016,

Watch out! I'm ready for ya.

With Christmas behind us and the final days of this year quickly approaching, it can be assumed that everyone is getting very hyped up about all the wonderful things that will be accomplished in the new one.  Year after year, I tend to find myself a very motivated girl at the end of December.  We always say "This will be my best year yet!" And why shouldn't it be?! The best is always yet to come! Do you have your resolutions yet? I often have a hundred million things that I wish to accomplish. I can usually stick to about one of them (through January), and by December... what was it I said I was going to do this year? I was just thinking about it a few days ago, many of my first readers remember an earlier post, 19 for Nineteen, where I shared 19 goals that I wanted to achieve in my 19th year! Here we are, over a month later, and I haven't looked at that list once since that week.  Shame on me. I have been learning a lot about myself recently, however, and I am pretty convinced that I will finally succeed this time.  I am taking a new approach in setting my goals for 2016, and I will share these tips with you soon!!

For today's post, I have decided to reflect on this past year, because boy has it been eventful.

January: I entered into my final semester of high school. Arkansas was nothing but a tiny thought in the back of my head.  The way, way back of my head.

February: Went to my last Sweetheart dance with my current BFF.  I also competed with my dance team for the very last time. I spent that evening bawling my eyes out.

March: My first month ever without dance.  Spent so much time with amazing friends.  Found myself lingering after school every single day, making lots of QuikTrip runs and playing on random playgrounds.

April: Trampoline cuddle parties became very popular around this time.  I have some crazy cool (and weird) friends.

May: Attended my final high-school dance with a wonderful date and my very best friends.  Helped put together Mr. SPX (a high school "pageant" that the senior boys put on every year)  Took my last final exams.  Graduated high school 6th in my class.  Enjoyed some Royals games and an All Time Low Concert.  Began my job nannying for the summer.

June: Spent LOTS of time with my friends, enjoying our last summer of normal.  Spent lots of time with my little monkeys, going to the pool, and eating lots of ice cream. Attended orientation at the UofA, followed by a relaxing weekend at the lake with my Arkansas pals.

July: Last month living at home! Went to the zoo.  Began thinking about packing my life away. I was also  honored to co-choreograph a routine for dance team tryouts, and finally be apart of the process. I went to Warped Tour for the first time, that was a blast! I stayed up all night on a trampoline when I was dog-sitting with a friend, we ended up laying through over an hour of pouring rain (but it was by far one of my favorite nights).


August: Shared my last night with my high school family (my forever friends), packed up my room, and moved my little butt down to a town I now call home. A very emotional month.  I have never been good with goodbyes.  I never will be.  On the bright side, this is the month I started my new journey, and met one of my very best friends :)

September: Classes had begun and were starting to progress.  I had mastered navigating the once terrifying campus, and began to find myself very comfortable.  I attended my first college football game, first college party, and bonded with some awesome people.

October: Got to spend a few days back in Kansas City for fall break and enjoyed some time catching up with old friends.  Those friends then payed us a visit in Fayetteville! I dressed as Meredith Grey for Halloween, and I am still secretly obsessed with her.

November: I celebrated my 19th, and best birthday yet!  I got to spend some time back home with family for Thanksgiving.  I survived my first ever design-school meltdown, which was shortly followed by the survival of my first final review.

December: Took my final exams and found myself a little sad to pack up and head home for a month.  A full semester already under my belt.  Where did all the time go?!

Wow! A LOT more has happened this year than I thought! I was still in high school at the beginning of it.  Now look at me, about to enter my second semester of college! This week I challenge you to reflect on 2015.  I bet you've done a lot more than you think.  Start thinking of goals for 2016, and keep watch for Tips on Successful New Year's Resolutions! Have a great week!

Yours Truly,
Pantless Sunday's

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