Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dear Semester Finale

Spring is one of my favorite seasons.  While my allergies may hate it, I just love seeing everything bloom, and life return to the world after a cold winter.  The air always seems fresher, the sun brighter, and Abbi happier ;) Spring break, however, is always such a tease.  A relaxing week off is just what I needed, and while it has been mostly that, my mind is a little cluttered.  I am on the downhill slope of finishing my first year of college, and boy has time flown by. It seems like yesterday we were moving in, settling into our new ways, and starting our new journey. I am now six weeks away from moving back home for the summer, with still so much stuff that needs to be done with school before then. I feel like I am running out of time! I need to finish the semester strong, but I can't stop dreaming of those summer days! If you're like me, you may be struggling to find that little burst of motivation to get you through, because I am definitely lacking this. So here are a few of my tips to productivity. Let's get motivated together!

1) Take advantage of those sunny days! I always find myself more productive on nicer days (as opposed to rainy ones when I never want to leave my bed).  It is easier for me to get up and moving when the sun is shining, and I tend to get a lot done in a shorter amount of time so that I get a chance to get outside and enjoy the weather! I also like to sit outside and do homework, because its just much more pleasant :)

2) Sleep. Rest is important people.  You may feel like you are running out of time, I feel it too, but you will be so much more productive after a full night of sleep than you will after trying to pull all nighters. Trust me, it is not worth it.  Get your Z's.

3) Make lists. I am a list girl. I make To-Do lists every single day.  I like to take things one-step at a time, so I make a list for today and I do not think about tomorrow until I get through my list for today. I sometimes even have several sets of lists: I'll have my over-all list, and then I will have sub-lists (a list for what needs to be done in studio, a list for my other classes, a list for the gym, etc.) Don't get overwhelmed! You do not have to go list-crazy like I do! But writing down what you need to do each day and then checking them off as you go can be super helpful!

4) Take care of yourself. This falls in with getting plenty of rest.  Lots of us have tendencies to sacrifice our health when it comes to school.  It really is a simple fix though.  Take time to exercise. Fuel your body with good foods.  Take breaks.  Only you know your body's needs, so make time to take care of it. You will feel so much better if you do.

5) Kiss your technology goodbye. Don't worry, not forever.  I am the queen of checking my phone while I'm supposed to be studying (ask my roommate), and then spending the next hour and a half reading articles about who even knows what.  Put it on airplane mode, leave it in your room, whatever it is you need to do. Remember my post about being fully present in whatever you're doing? Try being fully present during your study time.  I bet you'll retain a lot more.

6) Reward yourself.  You know as well as I do that we cannot be productive all the time. It's just not possible.  So reward yourself! Maybe you can watch one episode of whatever your heart desires after each hour of studying. Personally, I try to get as much done in studio each week so that I can take Saturday's off to be with friends.  Whatever it is you need to do, just be sure you get right back to work afterwards!

8) Use a planner.  I loooooove my planner! Similar to making lists, use your planner to keep track of what you need to do this day, this week, this month, etc.  Write down everything in your planner. It will keep you organized and on track.  If you don't have one, get one, and once you do, USE IT!

Just remember, you are in control of your future.  Work hard, strive for success, but remember to breathe.  Do not sacrifice your health and well-being, and do not sacrifice your happiness.  Just six short weeks until summer, finish strong. You got this!

Here's to a productive end to the semester!

Yours Truly,
Pantless Sunday's


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